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Before a child can be admitted, an admission form must be filled completely and signed by parent or guardian. A Transfer Certificate and mark - sheet from the last school attended (countersigned by the State Education Authority if the child comes from a school in another state) must be submitted before the admission can be granted

Application Must Be Accompanied By:

  1. T.C and mark list of the last school attended.
  2. Birth certificate for lower KG student.
  3. A comprehensive health/medical certificate from a Competent Medical Practitioner regarding any specific ailment.
  4. Character recommendation from previous school attended (V to X only)
  5. For parents: Certificate of employment from current employer must be submitted.


  • No leaving certificate will be issued unless the parents or guardians make a request in writing in the prescribed form provided at the back of the diary.
  • One month's notice for withdrawal is compulsory. If one month's notice is not given, then the fee for the following quarter, that in which the student is withdrawn, will be charged.
  • If the student is withdrawn in between the session full quarter, next quarter fees must be paid.
  • No leaving certificate will be issued until all fees, fines and other dues to school are paid. Parents are requested to produce the original CAUTION MONEY receipt when applying for refund of the same.


This commences in the first week of June and consists of two terms. First term is from June to November and Second term is from December to April.
  1. Students must be in school till the last working day and return after holidays on the reopening day, failing which a fine will be levied.
  2. All students must be regular in attendance and late comers will be fined.
  3. Students must come in clean uniforms and those. who do not come in proper school uniforms will be punished/sent home. Any students shabbily / untidily dressed will be sent home. Special attention must be, paid to the hair.
  4. A student coming to school with nits or lice in his/her hair will be given crew cut in the school and charged.
  5. Students suffering from infectious diseases or those who have been exposed touch diseases in their homes must complete. The quarantine period before rejoining school. After recovery a fitness certificate by a certified doctor must be produced.
  6. Girls are expected to come with hair neatly combed, plaited if long, with black ribbons only. Rubber bands should not be used. Hair should not fall over the forehead. No jewelry should be worn with the school uniform. Expensive articles should not be brought. The school is not responsible if they are misplaced.
  7. Boys must have proper hair cut regularly. If not, they will be given a hair cut in the school.
  8. Any book, periodical magazine, comic or picture of any kind not approved by the school will be confiscated
  9. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual late coming and lack of interest in school work, disobedience or objection-able moral influence, justifies dismissal.
  10. Students using, abusive language or behaving in a boisterous manner will be punished/asked to leave school.
  11. Student are expected to be honest and respect the rights of others. They are not supposed to take books or other articles away which do not belong to them.
  12. School property if damaged or destroyed by the student will be required to be made good. The cost of repair will be borne by the student concerned.
  13. Physical Education and games are a compulsory part of the curriculum.
  14. No student will be excused from games and drill unless a medical certificate is produced. Those students availing of this exemption must follow them instructions of the Physical Education teacher.
  15. Computer classes are conducted from Std. I to X.
  16. Other co-curricular activities are:
    1. Dramatics
    2. Debating
    3. Elocution
    4. Art Craft Exhibition
    5. Class Excursion
    6. Vocational Tours
    7. Flower Exhibition
    8. Science Exhibition
    9. Public speaking
  17. Teachers in this school are not permitted to give private tuition to the students of their own class.
  18. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificates are not issued.


Late Coming Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week and habitual late coming.
littering & smudging Students found throwing litter in the school premises
Improper attire & Shabby turnout Students not coming in proper & clean school uniforms each day. Students found wearing ear studs, hair-clips, wrist bands and any other code violation.
Defiance & shabby behavior Students who refuse to follow adult directions or class room/school rules, talk back or exhibit socially rude behavior.
Cheating/ Forgery Cheating: Violating rules or regulations. Forgery: Signing another person's name.
Lying Deceiving another by telling an untruth.
Fighting Students fighting with or otherwise intentionally causing injury to another.
Harassment/ Mockery/ Bullying Students engage in behavior that threaten, intimate, demean, embarrass or ridicule a student or staff member and bullying of students.
Abusive language Students using dirty & abusive language for another person including swearing, name calling-or use of words in an inappropriate way will be punished.
Misuse of electronic device Students bringing banned, electronic gadgets like Cell Phone, Music/video Players, Camera or Laptops to school will result in confiscation without return.
Possession of arms If Students are in possession of knives or guns (real or look alike) or other objects readily capable of causing bodily harm will be punishable with suspension from school.
Property Damage Students engaging in behavior that results in destruction or vandalism disfigurement of property-belonging to students, staff or school will be charged a fine and replacement charges.
Theft Students found in possession of or having passed on or being responsible for removing someone else's properly will be suspended from school.


It is COMPULSORY for all students to wear the prescribed school uniform. Students who do not form to the dress regulations given below will not be permitted to attend classes and may also be sent home.
Girls Peach Yellow & Green Frock, Peach Yellow Bloomers, Black Shoes & White Socks, Green Hairband
Boys Peach Yellow Shirts & Green Shorts. Black Shoes, White Socks.
Girls/ Boys Black tunic and White Blouse, Black Hairband and White Bloomers, Black Shoes, White Socks School Belt and Tie, Black Shoes, White Socks School Belt and Tie, small Black turban for Sikh Boys.
stdVI-std X
Girls Black tunic and White Blouse, Black Hairband, Black Shoes and White Socks, School tie and Belt.
Boys Black Full Trousers and White Shirt with Monogram Black Shoes and White Socks, Black turban (small) for Sikh Boys.


UKG-V 'V'neck Black Cardigan-Full Sleeves and Full Sleeves White Blouse/shirt.
VI-X Full Sleeves White Shirt/Blouse with monogram and Blazers.
Sports & Games White Half pants/Trousers /Divided Shirts, House Color 'T' Shirts White Canvas Shoes.


  1. The foundation classes for a sound education are the Nursery, Preparatory classes and classes I and II. Parents must realize how important it is that children should not be distracted in the regular planned routine of their lessons.
  2. No student may leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  3. In case of sickness, an intimation must be given to the office immediately. Absence over three days requires fitness and medical certificate.
  4. Students should not be kept away from school except for illness. Students often miss important work when they are absent. Tuition can never really make up for class work missed. All applications for tuition must be routed through the principal.
  5. If an appointment is made with a doctor the student must not, be sent to school on that day.
  6. The Principal reserves the right to refuse leave of a sence for religious festival, wedding and other ceremonies at home, if it interferes with the student's work in the school or the school discipline.
  7. Parents are requested to adjust their programs of leaving the station, etc so as to coincide with the holidays of the school and thus reduce to an absolute minimum need for absence on school days which is always detrimental to the smooth running and discipline of the school.
  8. Attending wedding and other functions outside the station during school time interface with the routine and school discipline Parents are requested not to take girl/boys with them to attend these function.
  9. The date of opening and closing of the school must be strictly observed.
  10. Students returning to school late may have their names stuck off from school rolls.


  1. Unit Test will be conducted according to the scheduled time-table.
  2. The marks of the Unit Tests, half-yearly and final examinations will be considered for promotion to next class.
  3. A student who is absent for any test or examination will on no account be retested.
  4. Cheating in an examination will result in a zero in the subject and if repeated, dismissal from the school.
  5. In the event of tests/assessments being postponed owing to unavoidable circumstances, they will be conducted on the first working day there after unless otherwise intimated.
  6. Failure in English may result in detention proceeded by three strict warnings which will be strictly observed.
  7. A student who fails consecutively, for 2 years in the same class or is twice promoted under RTE will have to change the board/school.


  1. Rules for promotion will be as per I.C.S.E. Board Regulations.
  2. Promotions are decided on the student's progress throughout the year based on the periodical tests/examinations/orals/class activities.
  3. Failure on the whole may be due to
    1. Failure in English
    2. Failure in Two or More Subjects


  1. The school expects the co-operation of the parents to ensure:
    1. That the children comes to school regularly, punctually and neatly dressed.
    2. That the children bring to school their books and notebooks which are properly maintained.
    3. That the children do the homework regularly.
    4. That the child brings his/her diary every day to school.
    5. That the home work is signed every day.
    6. They attend the P.T.A/ meetings as scheduled.
  2. Parents are informed that an occasional report from the teachers is made in the school calendar. Parents are requested to sign the calendar Failure to do this may cause inconvenience.
  3. Parents are particularly expected to sign the reports or any other similar documents when requested Failure to do so may put your children to great in convenience as teachers are instructed to get their reports signed by parent.
  4. When parents are requested to meet the principal regarding any complaint they should comply as per the given schedule as early as possible
  5. When writing to the school regarding children, parents should mention the name, the standard and the division their children are studying in.
  6. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to see students or meet teachers during class hours. Principal's permission is needed in emergencies.
  7. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to adhere to the school rules and regulations and help the school to enforce discipline and regularity to build good habits and character in their children.
  8. Parents/Guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in address and telephone number immediately.
  9. Parents, please help us in the economy drive by enclosing self-addressed, stamp envelope when asked for any information from the office by post.
  10. Parents/Guardians are requested to read all rules and see that their child adheres to them carefully.
  11. Students may be required to take part in various school activities and when required to do so participation will be deemed compulsory by the school.